Акриловый кубик 25 мм. Бор (B). B acrylic cube 25x25x25 mm. Articul: ac5
1 800,00 ₽
Бор (B), 99,9%, 0,1 гр. – в ампуле. Boron (B), 99.9%, 0.1 gr. - in an ampoule. Articul: 571120220
600,00 ₽
Брелок 20х30 мм. Бор. B Keyring 20x30 mm. Articul: pt5
600,00 ₽
Брелок. Бор. Trinket. Bor.
700,00 ₽
Кулон. Бор. Pendant. Bor.
970,00 ₽
Пуговица 18 мм. Бор. B. Chemical button 18 mm. Articul: but5
340,00 ₽

Atomic number   5
Atomic mass   10,811
Density, kg / m3?   2340
melting, ° С       2030
Boron in a free state is a colorless, gray or red crystalline or dark amorphous substance. Earlier than others, the well-known compound of Bora - Bura - is mentioned in the works of alchemists under the Arabic name "Burak" and Latin Borax, from which the name "boron" originated. Free Bor was first obtained by the French chemists J. Gay-Lussac and L. Thénard in 1808 by heating boric anhydride B2O3 with metallic potassium. & Nbsp;
Boron has not been found in the free state in nature. Many boron compounds are widespread, especially in low concentrations. In the form of borosilicates, borates, boroaluminosilicates, and also as an isomorphic impurity in other minerals. Boron is part of many igneous and sedimentary rocks. Boron compounds are found in oil waters, seawater, salt lakes, hot springs, volcanic and hill mud, and in many soils.