Акриловый кубик 25 мм. Гольмий (Ho). Ho acrylic cube 25x25x25 mm. Articul: ac67
1 600,00 ₽
Брелок 20х30 мм. Гольмий. Ho. Chemical button 18 mm. Articul: pt67
600,00 ₽
Брелок. Гольмий. Trinket. Holmium. Articul: 675710520
750,00 ₽
Кубик из гольмия (Ho), 99,9%, 10х10 мм. Holmium cube (Ho), 99.9%, 10x10x10 mm
2 800,00 ₽
Пуговица 18 мм. Гольмий. Ho Keyring 20x30 mm. Articul: but67
340,00 ₽

Atomic number     67
Atomic mass   164,93
Density, kg / m? < span class = "Apple-tab-span" style = "white-space: pre;">   8800
melting, ° С       146
Holmium is a relatively soft, malleable, shiny silver metal. In 1879, the Swiss chemist and physicist Jacques-Louis Soret discovered a new element in the "erbium earth" using spectral analysis. The name of the element was given by the Swedish chemist P.T.Kleve in honor of Stockholm (its old Latin name is Holmia), since the mineral from which Kleve himself isolated the oxide of the new element in 1879 was found near the capital of Sweden. Holmium, along with other rare earth elements, is contained in the minerals monazite, bastenesite, euxenite, apatite and gadolinite.