Брелок. Хлор. Trinket. Chlorine. Articul: 1707020620
1 400,00 ₽
Хлор в баночке (Cl), 99%, светящийся Chlorine discharge ampoule (Cl), 99% in vial Articul: 1702120620
940,00 ₽
Хлор в баночке (Cl), 99%, сжиженный Chlorine (Cl), 99%, liquefied Articul: 1721171217
3 600,00 ₽
Хлор желтый в ампуле 18х100 мм, 99% Chlorine gaseous in ampoule 18x90 mm, 99% Articul: 1701110918
1 200,00 ₽

Atomic number     17
Atomic mass     35,453
Density, kg / m?   0.317 < / strong>
melting, ° С       -101
< div> Chlorine is a poisonous gas of yellowish-green color, heavier than air, with a pungent odor and sweetish, "metallic" taste. Chlorine was obtained for the first time in 1774 by K. Scheele by the interaction of hydrochloric acid with pyrolusite. However, only in 1810 G. Davy established that chlorine is an element and named it chlorine (from the Greek chloros - yellow-green). In 1813, J.L. Gay-Lussac proposed the name Chlorine for this element.
Chlorine is the most abundant halogen in the earth's crust. Chlorine is very active - it combines directly with almost all elements of the periodic table. Therefore, in nature, it is found only in the form of compounds in the composition of minerals.